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Pet Treat Conveyors: Flexible, Sanitary Conveyor Configurations Within a Tight Footprint

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Today’s pets have sophisticated palettes when it comes to their fresh pet food and treats. Whether you’re producing dry biscuits for delicate puppy teeth or wet, tinned food that creates that Pavlovian purr when cat’s hear the “pop” sound of their favorite tinned meal being opened, the design of your conveyors need to maximize your plant’s efficiency. Flexible and sanitary conveyor configurations can help you increase your throughput and ensure the quality of each treat is up to the demanding expectations of our furry friends.

Corgi Dog TreatsPackaging is constantly changing, new safety requirements keep emerging, and customer satisfaction is sometimes difficult to gauge from a bark alone. At the same time, pet food and treats are evolving with the humanizing of their diets. Overall, households are adding more furry companions to their families and expecting a higher quality diet.

To keep up with these trends, you need a flexible conveyor design that can integrate with your existing pet food production equipment and bakery processes. SideDrive Conveyor Co. can help you pick up the slack with an edge-driven sanitary conveyor solution that supports all your baking, curing, proofing, and packaging applications.


Flexible Conveyor Configurations for Pet Treats & Consumables

Pet food and treat producers face similar challenges as any other large-scale food manufacturer. With biscuits and treats, the process can call for unpackaged product handling as items go through the resting, rising, baking, and cooling stages before being placed into primary packaging. If these different process stages require elevation changes, specific dwell times, and seamless transfers, an automated and open conveyor solution can increase your throughput and improve product quality.

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Configurable Edge-driven Conveyors for the Pet Industry

Dog Pet Treats - CircleAn open frame construction with bends, elevation changes, loops, spirals, and inclines makes it possible to configure a conveyor solution that matches your facility’s infrastructure. You can eliminate transfers with a continuous conveyor design that keeps all your treats and dog bones flowing efficiently through the plant.

An edge-driven, configurable conveyor design allows you to:

  • Gently convey products on a continuous conveyor line through all the different processing stages

  • Eliminate transfers for delicate products to prevent marring or damage 

  • Reduce harborage points to improve product quality

  • Optimize your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) for increased throughput and shorter sanitation processes

  • Integrate your conveyor with existing infrastructure without taking up a larger footprint in the facility

The open design provides greater airflow compared to traditional drum cage or side-frame conveyors, helping items to cool quickly. You can also run multiple lines at different speeds in the same footprint to maximize the bang for your buck with an edge-driven conveyor.

Dog Treats 2The plastic belting removes the risk of metal shavings and the need for lubricants that could contaminate products.  The entire design can withstand harsh sanitation protocols. Our configurable conveyors help pet food manufacturers to increase their efficiency within the space constraints of the existing facility. 


Flexible and Configurable Pet Food and Treats Conveyor Designs

SideDrive Conveyor Co. can assist with optimizing your pet food and treats conveyor design to maximize your OEE and reduce product quality issues. As the pet industry continues to grow and add new exciting snacks, bones and chews to its product line, opting for sanitary, edge-driven conveyors can increase your plant’s productivity and ensure only delicious, nutritious products leave your facility.

Start optimizing your pet food and treats conveyor system by getting in touch with SideDrive Conveyor Co. today.

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