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Why Solid Spiral Conveyor Stand-offs Are Important in Keeping Commercial Bakeries Clean

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Cookies, pastries, donuts with sprinkles, fillings and frostings can get messy quickly. Commercial bakeries battle flours, sugars and syrups on a daily basis. To avoid a hygienic nightmare (and costly product contamination or even a dreaded product recall), bakery operations are investing in equipment that can help safely prevent the mess, including sanitary conveyor systems.


Pack Expo SpiralEnter hygienic spiral conveyors. Drumless, hygienic spiral conveyor systems from SideDrive Conveyor Co. keep bakery operations safe and clean with several design features, including an open design and sloped surfaces. But another important design feature to consider when selecting hygienic spiral conveyors are stand-offs.


What is a stand-off, you ask? Great question. A stand-off is a small piece of stainless steel used to connect two different weldments or parts. Related to parallel surfaces, it is also important to consider other places on a hygienic spiral where bacteria can hide—such as the space created when two flat surfaces meet together. This includes stand-offs where two metal pieces meet, and where any other items like bearings or gearboxes are mounted to the unit.


As an NCC Company, SideDrive Conveyor brings NCC’s experience of building hygienic conveyors and engineered its hygienic spiral conveyor systems so that its stand-offs are solid, blind bore threaded and continuously and hygienically welded. Unlike simpler, less costly traditional fastening systems, SideDrives hygienic conveyors have stand-offs that eliminate all the small spaces and groves where water and product can seep in and wreak havoc.

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Any real sanitary conveyor in the market will have welded stand-offs to prevent surface-to-surface contact. SideDrive Conveyor has taken the tried and true proven principles of sanitary conveyor design and applied it to a spiral with side drive technology.


SideDrive Conveyor’s enabling, edge-driven technology allows us to create and configure the most hygienic spiral conveyor design to meet virtually any application or floor layout. Plus, with an open, accessible design, cleaning is done easily and thoroughly.


Learn how SideDrive’s hygienic spirals can save time, money and reduce risk, CLICK HERE.

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