A New Era in Hygienic Conveyor Design

Unique edge-driven technology allows use of multiple drives on the same belt for sanitary conveyor system design and line layouts that have not been possible...until now!

Improve your production line with SideDrive Conveyor Co.’s hygienic conveyor systems. The configurations are limitless and the possibilities are endless with our side drive spiral and long-run conveyors that easily clean and stand-up to washdown environments. Both use a unique plastic modular belting system that eliminates transfers for the ultimate gentle handling conveyors.


Sanitary Conveyors for Virtually Any Application

HP Elevate 3

Elevate & Lowerate

Say goodbye to space requirements with our sanitary drumless spiral conveyors. Side drive, edge-driven technology from Intralox turns and curves while moving product up, down or around where it needs to go quickly and gently.

HP Transferless 2

Transferless Long Runs

Ensure safe food handling and transport, reduce spills and breaks, and eliminate product backup with sanitary transferless long-run and continuous conveyors. Maintain product integrity with reliable, smooth transport.

HP Cool 2

Cool, Cure & Proof

Increase efficiencies with sanitary spiral, straight or curved conveyor systems that move product on and above the plant floor. Streamline production, add crucial time to production in between processes and eliminate manual handling.


Committed to Continuous Improvement and Service

HP - Direct Food

Direct Food Contact

Transport a wide variety of naked or raw products while meeting the highest sanitary requirements. Our food-safe conveyors efficiently handle raw proteins, baked goods and frozen foods.

HP - Packaged

Packaged Products

Keep your product moving from processing to packaging to loading with food-safe conveyor systems. Our versatile conveyor solutions easily handle both primary and secondary packaging.

HP - Non Food

Non-Food Products

Move product from one place to another or cool, cure or dry products, such as wax candles, quickly without manual handling. Our modular, flexible conveyor solutions handle any product & adapt to any configuration.


Exclusively Focused on Sanitary, Side Drive Conveyors


SideDrive Conveyor is the first, and only, company in the world to exclusively offer side drive, edge-driven belting from Intralox to offer flexible and sanitary conveyors that meet the highest sanitary requirements.

As an NCC Company, SideDrive Conveyor proudly brings NCC’s proven 30 years of experience as a full service automation systems integrator to our sanitary conveyor offering for food processors, consumer packaged goods companies, OEM machine builders and engineering firms.

How Can SideDrive Conveyor Streamline Your Production Line?