Move your pet food safely with a SideDrive sanitary conveyor

Pet food recalls have become increasingly prolific since the passing of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) in 2011, which introduced guidance that indicates pet food production should be treated like human food production. The FDA states that “FSMA allows FDA to better protect public health by strengthening the food safety system and shifting the focus from responding to contamination of the food supply to preventing contamination.”*


SideDrive conveyors are designed with hygiene in mind. Their side-driven, plastic belting can help ensure the food safety of your pet food products.

Source: FDA. FDA’S Regulation of Pet Food. U.S. Food & Drug Administration. 


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Configurable conveyor solutions for your pet food products


SideDrive’s unique conveyor configurations allow you to optimize your pet food production space based on your individual needs. Whether you need to retrofit an existing configuration or build one from scratch, SideDrive can design and configure a custom solution that you’ve only dreamt of, until now. The possibilities are endless!

Product Card - Basic Transport

● Move products up to and down from a refrigerator, freezer or freeze dryer

● Move products up or down between floors without lifts or elevators

● Transport goods from processing to packaging

Product Card - Process Needs

● When you need an instance of ‘time’ in your process to cool

● Can be used when time is needed between processes

Product Card - unique configurations

● Fully-customizable

● Build systems around existing equipment or facility infrastructure

● Infinite shapes and elevations, including oblong, alpine, and square turns to follow the perimeter of a room if needed


Versatile conveyors for various pet food products

SideDrive sanitary conveyors are ideal for pet food products, whether they’re naked or in a primary or secondary package. Some examples include:
  • Wet pet foods such as cans of dog and cat food
  • Dry pet foods such as bags or cartons of dog kibble, pouches of rodent blocks, pouches of rabbit pellets and rigid containers of bird food and fish flakes
  • Semi-moist foods such as bags and pouches of kibble
  • Fresh, frozen and freeze-dried pet foods
  • Chubs, rigid containers and pouches of snacks and treats such as dog bones, cat treats, catnip and more

Keeping your pet food safe

Pet foods require strict quality control and food safety practices to ensure their food safety and integrity.


“As pet food recalls and tragedies related to tainted food resound in the news, product safety becomes even more of a concern to pet owners. Processors can ensure safety by applying the same standards and expectations to pet food as to human food.”*

Conveyors made with food-safe materials protect your product from contamination. Transferless and spiral conveyors safely handle pet foods and prevent breakage. The gentle motion of the side-drive edge-driven conveyor belting keeps your products from moving around, preventing breakage and helping maintain integrity. Additionally, plastic belting prevents damage or marks caused by its rigid metal counterpart and helps reduce product loss due to adhesion.

Source: *Demetrakakes, Pan. Modern conveying equipment in line with pet food, treat trends. Pet Food Processing. 

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Hygienic design and easy washdown make for more sanitary conditions


Proper hygienic design and simplicity of washdown are crucial to the success of pet food processing and packaging solutions. With an open, drumless design, unique food-safe edge-driven belt technology and a number of sanitary features, SideDrive spiral conveyors are the most hygienic on the market and provide a conveyor solution for your food safety plan.

The small footprint of SideDrive spiral conveyors is beneficial for easy accessibility, cleaning and sanitation. Hygienic features and plastic belting make washdown more effective. These features include:

  • Food-safe materials
  • Sloped surfaces for easy run-off
  • Cantilevered, stainless, open-frame design
  • Plate frame structure easy for cleaning
  • Hygienic feet
  • Continuous welds to prevent harborage of bacteria
  • Welded standoffs that separate parallel surfaces
  • Solid UHMW wearstrips

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