Ensure Safe Conditions With Sanitary Conveyor Systems

Sanitation is at the forefront of design at SideDrive Conveyor Co.—our sanitary conveyor systems ensure safe food-handling and transport through our durable materials, modular design, and drive and belt construction. Guaranteed to protect your product while improving your productivity, our washdown conveyors meet the highest sanitary requirements.


SD - Sanitary - WashdownDurable Washdown Conveyor Materials

SideDrive’s sanitary conveyor systems feature a plastic, modular belting. The USDA-compliant plastic material stands-up to repeated exposure to chemicals during cleaning. Unlike traditional metal belting, our washdown conveyors are lightweight making them fatigue- and wear-resistant, ensuring full sanitary conditions washdown after washdown.

Modular Sanitary Conveyor Systems Clean Effortlessly

Quick and easy cleaning of our sanitary conveyor systems are also ensured through the unique design of our belting. Because the belting fits together in modular sections, all areas of the belt including sprockets, are accessible for cleaning. Unlike drum-driven conveyors that make it difficult, if not impossible to clean inside the drum, our washdown conveyors keep maintenance simple and easy with minimal harborage areas.

Washdown Conveyors Feature Sanitary Drive Construction

The side drive edge-driven technology from Intralox allows for minimal drive arrangements on our sanitary conveyor systems. This creates an open, accessible design that reduces areas where product and bacteria can collect and contaminate production. Sprockets, also made of durable, hygienic plastic help reduce harmful harborage areas. With less crevices, nooks and general complexities associated with traditional conveyor drives, our washdown conveyors make cleaning and sanitation fast and efficient.

SD - Sanitary - Frame 2

Open stainless steel frame design with rounded edges, continuous welds, and welded standoffs to eliminate harborage areas

SD - Sanitary - Sprocket 2

Edge-driven belt is driven by USDA-compliant Nylatron drive sprocket with stainless steel brackets designed to maximize cleanability, yet still be replaced without disassembling the shaft

SD - Sanitary - Wearstrips 2

Made of USDA-approved, extruded food-safe blue UHMW plastic that's easily detectable during inspection

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Plastic Belting Achieves Sanitary Conveyor Systems

The belting of our sanitary conveyor systems also makes maintenance a snap. The all-plastic construction is ideal to withstand high-pressure washdown environments while also eliminating any chance of contamination from metal shavings or lubrication. Featuring minimal moving parts, our sanitary conveyor systems provide easy maintenance with full washdown capability, and efficient thorough cleaning.


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