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Commercial Bakeries are Cleaning Up with Hygienic Spirals Featuring Sloped Surfaces

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Commercial bakeries, like all food manufacturers, need to keep their operations safe and sanitary. Cross-contamination can be devastating, with icing, seeds or nuts, contributing allergens that ultimately affect product quality. However, increased performance requirements—including those from the Food Safety Modernization Act—are driving more bakeries to up their cleaning ante. Some bakeries are now prioritizing hygienic operating conditions similar to those of meat and poultry processors.


Spraying Spiral CircleSideDrive Conveyor Co.’s hygienic spiral conveyor systems are helping commercial bakeries maintain hygienic, contaminant-free operations with conveyors that feature sloped surfaces. Now, this may not sound like much, but sloped surfaces are a simple, but very effective, method to keep harmful bacteria, food remnants and other particulates at bay.


A hygienic spiral conveyor like SideDrive’s, which features sloped surfaces, ensures that product debris and water easily wash and rinse away without pooling. A sanitary frame won’t have surfaces parallel to the floor that can pool water. A hygienic conveyor will have a frame design so that every surface is flat stainless and sheds water easily.


As an NCC Company, SideDrive Conveyor brings NCC’s experience of building hygienic conveyors for more than 30 years and applied that knowledge with the side drive technology and purposely engineered its hygienic spiral conveyor systems so that there are no flat surfaces. The frame has limited members that are parallel to the floor and wherever those members are, they are angled, so the water simply slides off.


SideDrive Conveyor’s enabling, edge-driven technology allows us to create and configure the most hygienic spiral conveyor design to meet virtually any application or floor layout. Plus, with an open, accessible design, cleaning is done easily and thoroughly.


Learn how SideDrive’s hygienic spirals can save time, money and reduce risk, CLICK HERE.

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