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Evaluate and Maximize OEE For Spiral Conveyor Systems

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Improve your overall production line and the efficiency of conveying products with SideDrive’s patent-pending, sanitary conveyor systems. Keep your product safe with limitless configurations that withstand harsh washdown environments. Whether you need to get your product up, down or eliminate transfers, the possibilities are endless!

We understand one of the biggest concerns our customers have is improving efficiency and quality.  Operational Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) refers to the time that your system is actually productive. This means you are producing quality products as fast as possible with the least amount of downtime.

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When assessing OEE for each type of design, production rates (or speed), availability, and the risk of failure should be the primary criteria.

Any design that creates nooks, crevices, and catch-points for water or particulate matter increases the risk of the production line becoming contaminated and reduces the availability by increasing the effort required to maintain a sanitary production line. To maximize OEE, you need to consider the total line solution including any upstream or downstream processes involved in the application.

Side-driven conveyors increase availability by limiting the downtime required for cleaning. A manufacturer like SideDrive Conveyor Co. will ensure that the spiral design complements the entire line to increase production rates while limiting your downtime.

Whether it’s moving products up one floor or down to another production stage, our plastic, modular vertical conveyor systems accommodate a wide variety of applications. Our spiral conveyor and vertical conveyor systems offer the ultimate flexibility, adapting to your plant and manufacturing needs.


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