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Easier to Clean Alternatives to a Traditional Spiral Conveyor

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If you didn’t know… your spiral conveyor’s side frames and inner drum / cage make that thing really hard to clean and keep truly sanitary. And you’re thinking… yeah, no kidding!

The fact is, with typical conveyors that utilize stainless steel side frames and stainless steel cages, you have to deal with harborage points where microbiological contamination can occur.  We’re talking nearly impossible to keep clean.



SideDrive’s sanitary spiral conveyor is completely open. No side frames. No inner drum. This means it is incredibly easy to sanitize and takes far less time than cleaning those typical spiral conveyor designs that you’re used to.

Our open construction allows complete access to the “guts” of the spiral conveyor and has fewer crevices and surfaces where bacteria and other harmful microbes can grow. Plus, those microbes don’t stand a chance since our spirals are built with durable, hygienic materials that can withstand high-pressure washdowns. See ya later, Microbes! This reduces cleaning time and allows easy maintenance, but more importantly, ensures a safe conveying operation to help prevent recalls.

As a bonus,  SideDrive’s enabling, edge-driven technology allows us to create and configure the most hygienic conveyor design to meet any application and floor layout.   It’s totally flexible to suit your needs.  

Save time, money, and dramatically reduce risk with a spiral that is truly sanitary.


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