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Guide: Solutions to Efficiently and Gently Convey and Transfer Frozen Food Products on Your Production Line

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For more than 100 years, freezing food products during the production process has enabled manufacturers to preserve food items for longer. Many advances in the process make it possible to produce everything from frozen raw proteins to avocados. With a myriad of different applications, today’s frozen food production processes are highly specialized and require innovative conveying solutions that reduce product loss, increase operational equipment effectiveness (OEE), and maintain the required throughput to keep the facility economically viable.



To maintain the required throughput, engineers need an optimized conveying solution that reduces the risk of product loss for products on the line as well as packaged products – while providing easier sanitation and OEE improvements across the production line.

In this eBook, we present the benefits of transferless conveying solutions including spiral conveyors that enable gentle and efficient movement of frozen food products between different production stages.

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