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Sanitary Frame Design Helps Make Spiral Conveyor One of the World’s Most Hygienic for Commercial Bakeries

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About 48 million, or 1 in 6, people in the U.S. get sick, 128,000 are hospitalized, and 3,000 die each year from foodborne diseases, according to recent data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This, combined with recent sanitation guidelines from the Food Safety Modernization Act, is causing commercial bakeries to take a look at their operations and invest in equipment that can improve and sustain hygienic practices.


SD - No Rust CircleSideDrive Conveyor Co.’s hygienic spiral conveyor systems help do just that with a sanitary frame design. The first layer of defense against harmful bacteria and product contamination is using the right materials—specifically, stainless steel. Food-grade stainless steel is ideal due to its ability to withstand high-pressure washdown cleaning and resistance to rust.


In addition to utilizing the right finish stainless steel materials, an open frame will allow product debris and water to easily wash and rinse without pooling after cleaning. The less places there are for things to hide, the better. Flat plate stainless steel has a smooth finish and the design should also eliminate ledges and hollow members to prevent the harborage of bacteria. A sanitary frame won’t have surfaces parallel to the floor that can pool water. A hygienic conveyor will have a frame designed to shed water easily while being cleaned.


A frame with smooth welds or without pits, crevices or fractures will also further eliminate harborage areas. By utilizing flat plates as the basis of design and structure, instead of tube or a large amount of formed stainless, it ensures that every member is cleanable. SideDrive Conveyor has taken special care to ensure joints are strong and minimal to minimize places to clean.


SideDrive Conveyor’s enabling, edge-driven technology allows us to create and configure the most hygienic spiral conveyor design to meet virtually any application or floor layout. Plus, with an open, accessible design, cleaning is done easily and thoroughly.


Learn how SideDrive’s hygienic spirals can save time, money and reduce risk, CLICK HERE.

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