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Continuous Conveyors Without Transfers Between Curves, Straight Runs and Inclines / Declines

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When you’re running from belt to belt and process to process in high-loss applications, a transferless, continuous conveyor design with curves, straights, inclines, and declines can be a great option. In some applications like egg handling, each transfer can lead to a 1% product loss which quickly adds up and eats away at your revenue. With gentle and smooth conveyor designs using edge-driven technology, you can achieve your production targets and limit your losses.

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SideDrive Conveyor Co. enables food producers that handle delicate products to integrate turns, curves, elevation changes, and loops into a single conveyor that reduces product losses and increases productivity. Our edge-driven conveyors use plastic belting to provide improved sanitation on the line and integrate seamlessly within food processing applications with a flexible and configurable design.


Continuous Conveyors for Delicate Product Handling Without Transfers

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In complex food production and product handling applications, traditional conveyors make it difficult to design a sanitary production line without transfers. An edge-driven, continuous conveyor is the only sanitary option available on the market that can maximize production quantities, increase plant efficiencies, and reduce the risk of product loss.

An edge-driven, food-safe belting solution allows food-processing facilities to optimize the entire product flow from end to end. The continuous design is possible due to the drives being located to reduce the belt tension wherever necessary, while the open construction makes it easier to clean the entire system with rigorous wash-down protocols.


Benefits of a Continuous and Transferless Conveyor Design

Even with modern hygienic and sanitary conveyor designs, many times when you need to go up or down and left or right, it requires a transfer. Each transfer increases the risk of product loss while also creating more harborage points in the system that makes it difficult to manage the sanitation of the line.

Where SideDrive Conveyor Co.’s conveyors really shine is in food processing applications by eliminating transfers while going up and over, under and around, or just turning in one direction or another.  All essential movements in the conveying operation.

The features you get from an edge-driven conveyor design are:

Whether it’s to move delicate products like eggs through your facility or conveying bread “the hard way,” you can optimize your line’s design by using a transferless, continuous conveyor.


Reduce Product Loss with Continuous Conveyor Designs from SideDrive Conveyor Co.

Edge-driven spiral, straight, and continuous conveyors from SideDrive Conveyor Co. can help solve many of the daily challenges where transfers impede the productivity of the plant. Our systems are configurable to suit most food production applications that traditional conveyor designs fail to solve. If you need a sanitary and safe conveying system that doesn’t require a transfer to move items between processing stages, our solutions can help.

For more information about continuous conveyor designs from SideDrive Conveyor Co., contact us to discuss your application.

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