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Spiral Conveyor Designs and Downloadable CAD Drawings

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To aid our customers, SideDrive Conveyor provides downloadable CAD drawings of our spiral conveyor designs. The aim is to help you get started on laying out your spiral conveyor within your facility and around your processing equipment early in the design process. 

These drawings will help you choose a spiral conveyor model to fit into your existing facility and reduce the lead time once you order a spiral from SideDrive Conveyor. 

In this blog, we’ll explain how to use the download page and what designs are available to start your layout process. 


Downloading Spiral Conveyor CAD Drawings for Your Application

To use the correct CAD drawings, there are some design and configuration options to choose from for your requirements. Let’s look at the available designs and how to make your selections. 


Turning Radius

There are two different turning radius designs available, 1.6 and 2.0. 

The 1.6 turning radius files are for applications that travel one way, which would be a typical spiral where there aren’t any changes in direction. 

An example of the 1.6 spiral would be for vertical conveyors as you can see on this page

Product Card - Process Needs - P LoopThe 2.0 turning radius should be used for applications requiring changes in direction or when you need a complete transferless loop conveyor design.  

For multiple turns within a spiral or a P-Loop configuration or transferless conveyor designs, the 2.0 configurations are needed and can be seen here



This refers to the change in angle between the entry and exit of the spiral. A 0° will exit the spiral in the same direction as the entry angle, while a 90° change will continue at a right angle change of direction upon exit. 

The different angles available are:

  • 0° - No change in angle
  • 90° - A right-angle change in direction
  • 180° - Exit in the same direction as the entry
  • We have 270° options available, but recommend getting in touch with our technical team if your application requires this level of angle change. 

To see the different angles available, refer to this document

Orientation Type Guide



You’ll need to determine the direction of travel (clockwise or counterclockwise) but this will not influence the angle or turning radius decisions. Drive locations will also not be influenced by CW or CCW options. 


Belt Width

The belt width can range between 10” and 42”. However, application-specific requirements may call for additional engineering support. 

No Metal CircleFor belt widths wider than 42” and higher spirals, there may be ancillary requirements that require our design input. 

For most applications, a 10’ high spiral with an 18” belt would be a fairly typical spiral design. Where longer cooling, curing, or proofing is required with more product on the belt, our engineers will help you configure a suitable design. 

You can learn more about our edge-driven belt technology on this page


Drive Location

Drive locations are determined upon technical review. While most drive locations are typically standard, the application-specific requirements will dictate the location and number of drives required. 

The travel speed of the spiral conveyor may also influence the number of drives and their location to maintain the torque and tension required. 

All drive locations will be confirmed on technical review. 

To see our drive specifications, please check out this page



We have two types of spare packages available.

  • Critical spares - These are the components required to operate and maintain the spiral
  • Recommended spares - This package will include additional components based on our experience with spiral conveyor operating requirements

We can advise on which package to choose based on our technical review. 


Streamline the Design of Your Next Sanitary Spiral Conveyor!

Now that you have the functional parameters related to the CAD drawings, you can start laying out your next sanitary spiral conveyor. If you have any questions, SideDrive Conveyor is always happy to assist. 

For more information or assistance with your spiral conveyor design, get in touch with SideDrive Conveyor here.

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