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Unique Conveyor Designs for RTE Foods

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Operating a RTE food processing plant has its obstacles! Floor space constraints are a big one.  But good news! With SideDrive’s modular approach, the possibilities are endless. Due to the ease of configurability of our conveyor systems, they can be modified to fit within an existing layout. Meaning, we can configure your conveyors to fit within your plant’s parameters.



Infinite shapes and elevations are possible, including oblong & alpine spirals. Say you want to go straight, curve at a 90 degree angle and then elevate and feed into a packaging system, this can all be accomplished with a single belt.  And did I mention we can do all of that without transfers?

That’s right… No need to worry about product damage from hand-off between conveyors.. Our transferless conveyors can accommodate multiple turns and inclines within the same belt. We simply insert drives on the conveyor where there would be a high tension point.  This game-changing, edge-driven technology is ideal for a long-run, continuous conveyor where you want to maintain a seamless conveying operation.

Need fast, efficient transport up or down, to or from a freezer? Check out our sanitary spiral conveyor solutions. The open design of the spiral system makes it less likely for bacteria to hide (and grow) by making it easier to clean.  You can even incorporate multiple belts running different directions in the same footprint! Yeah, pretty sweet, huh?  

Explore the endless configurations and opportunities with SideDrive Conveyor Co.


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