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CAD Model Library: Design & Build Your Spiral Conveyor

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Designing your sanitary spiral conveyor just got a little bit easier with our CAD Model Library! You can easily gain access to AutoCAD images that allow you to turn and orient them in any matter to fit within your line configuration and layout. 

Check out this video from SideDrive's Business Unit Leader, Tony Maniscalco. He walks you through downloading your CAD files and explains some things to take into consideration as you utilize them to build your spiral conveyor.


The first thing to do is to head to our CAD MODEL LIBRARY. To download your CAD files for the configurations, simply complete the form on that page. 

Once you have completed and submitted that form, you will be directed to a “thank you” page and there are a few things to note on this page about the downloaded file and options to choose from.  

  • You will have the option to pick either a 1.6 or a 2.0 turning radius:
    • 1.6 is for spirals going in one direction. 2.0 turning radius is when there are multiple turns in a spiral as in our P loop. 
  • Then you will see an option to pick the orientation:
    • 0, 90, or 180. Anything for 270 you would need to call in your application. 
  • Finally, you will be able to see and pick the different belt widths:
    • From 10-inch to 42-inch increments. 

You will also get an email in your inbox that will provide all of this information and the files for downloading. 

Then finally, after you go to your downloaded files on your computer, you will select the appropriate folder, taking into consideration the desired turning radius, orientation, and finally your belt width.

Once you select the correct file for your application, you will have an AutoCAD image that you can turn and orient in any matter to fit within your line configuration and layout. Happy designing!

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