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Defining Sanitary and Washdown Requirements for Spiral Conveyors

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There are a few differences between sanitary and washdown conveyors that you need to consider when selecting a spiral solution for your facility. Where food products travel directly on the belt, more stringent requirements exist to sanitize the system and prevent contamination. Comparatively, a washdown spiral conveyor is ideal when food products are already packaged and there isn’t direct contact with the product on the belt. 

Spraying Spiral CircleIn sanitary applications, the cleaning procedures will increase the time and materials required to remove contaminants from the line. That includes the type of chemicals and amount of water needed, the number of resources involved in the sanitation regime, and the testing and inspection procedures required to demonstrate compliance with the latest food safety regulations

While a washdown system can withstand high-pressure washdown procedures and corrosive chemicals without wearing prematurely, that doesn’t make it a completely sanitary conveyor. 

Wherever a risk of microbial growth exists in the spiral conveyor, an application with direct food products requires the design to incorporate features that address sanitation concerns. Food safety standards have application-specific requirements with strict sampling verification procedures to reduce the risks of microbial contamination and ensure hygienic operations. 

Washdown conveyors serve manufacturers well in applications where food products do not come into contact with the belt. SideDrive Conveyor provides both types of spiral conveyor designs to help manufacturers increase throughput, speed up cleaning procedures, and reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO).  When selecting a spiral conveyor design, it comes down to the application and cleaning standards that are required.   

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Designed for Cleanability - A New Era in Spiral Conveyor Design

In food production applications, spiral conveyors are essential in a variety of processes that may include movement in or out of a freezer or oven, curing, proofing, or cooling procedures. A spiral design allows for increased dwell time without taking up a large footprint. Whether you need to elevate or lowerate (or do a combination of both), accessing all the areas of the conveyor is essential for proper washdown or sanitation. 

A sanitary spiral conveyor will incorporate the same features as a washdown system but also include design elements that make sanitizing easier

Sanitary spiral conveyor designs should include:SD - HERO

  • Open and accessible frame construction that allows sanitation teams to reach all of the areas required during cleaning
  • Welds and finishes that eliminate the risk of water or product build-up in harborage areas where microbial growth may occur
  • Food-safe belting that complies with the strict requirements of the USFDA without subjecting components to excessive wear

Washdown applications require a design that can withstand high-pressure water and chemical cleaning without corroding components. High-quality stainless steel construction and IP69-rated drives allow for complete washdown between shifts, while plastic components help to prevent rust. 

Depending on your application requirements, SideDrive Conveyor can recommend the best spiral design for your facilities. 


Easy-to-Clean Spiral Conveyor Construction

Every element in a SideDrive Conveyor design is optimized for cleanability. From the edge-driven belt to the location of the drives and open-frame construction, each design decision includes the considerations that apply to speeding up sanitation and washdown times for faster changeovers

SideDrive spirals help manufacturers to:

  • Pork Chop CircleEliminate product contamination - The food-safe Intralox belt doesn’t require lubrication while preventing metal shavings from contaminating products
  • Speed up sanitation and washdown cycles - With easily accessible construction, cleaning teams can carry out thorough sanitation and washdown regimes in record times
  • Configure a system to match the application - Whether you are handling raw proteins or baked goods, you can design a solution that suits your specific production requirements

With unique layout configurations and a design that improves your plant's food safety, a SideDrive spiral conveyor remains the most efficient solution available today. 


Raise Your Production Efficiencies with a Spiral Conveyor from SideDrive Conveyor

To shorten your sanitation and washdown cycles while ensuring you properly clean the entire production line effectively, there is no better solution than a SideDrive edge-driven spiral conveyor. Because of the reduced downtime, improved overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), and fewer resources required for the washdown or sanitation of your spiral conveyor, you can decrease the TCO while maximizing your profitability with an excellent ROI.  

Before choosing your next spiral conveyor design, discuss your application requirements with SideDrive Conveyor here.

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