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A Modular Side-Driven Spiral Conveyor For Improved Production

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The configuration possibilities are endless with SideDrive’s vertical conveyor systems. Inclines, declines and helical radius changes are no problem for our spiral conveyors and vertical conveyor systems. Our modular design provides the flexibility to ramp up or scale-down production at any time

With a modular design and a range of different styles available, a side-driven spiral conveyor supports almost any sanitary production application. The entire system has lower operational costs while also requiring less upfront investment.

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You can design a transferless, long-run conveyor with multiple spirals including p-loops, alpines, or oblong spirals. The freedom to locate the drives anywhere along the line ensures consistent belt tension over the entire production process.  Our modular design includes features like:

  • An Intralox S2700 belt using acetal high-strength, low-friction
    engineering plastic with nylon rods
  • Nylatron two-piece tooth ring sprockets with a stainless steel
  • Boston gearbox with stainless steel case
  • Boston TEFC inverter duty-drive with a stainless steel cage
  • Frames constructed from 303 stainless steel
  • Wear strips manufactured from extruded UHMW

Spraying Spiral CircleAt SideDrive Conveyor, we work with customers to deliver safe and sanitary food production conveyors that help save time and money while increasing production efficiency.  Our side-driven modular designs enable both new and existing facilities to design an effective system for any kind of application or to refurbish and replace existing, inefficient, and unsafe drum/cage and side frame styles of conveyor systems.


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