Kyle LaPointe

Kyle LaPointe is a Mechanical Engineer at NCC Automated Systems. Designing and building things have always been a passion of his, which led him into the engineering field. Kyle loves the role he’s in because he doesn't just design machines, but also the broader conceptual ideas that allow for quick tailoring to meet customer needs. Kyle and his team recently completed a cooling spiral for a customer and he was able to help assemble it. Kyle says “Seeing it all come off the computer screen and into the real world was a great experience. Getting to work with someone with decades of hands-on experience helps to streamline the design even more.” Kyle feels NCC is an amazing place to work; the employee ownership culture really drives everyone to do their best at every level! Kyle is a husband of three years and soon to be dad come September 2021 (congrats!) When Kyle isn’t working he has a passion for making electric guitars from scratch, and working / riding on vintage motorcycles and scooters. Kyle says down the road he would love to acquire some skills as a machinist. One day he’d like to have a small mill and lathe and make high precision parts in his garage.

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