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Benefits of Replacing Baking Tray and Rack System with a Spiral Conveyor

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Maintaining the quality of baked goods across multiple plant areas and production processes often requires the manual handling of items. This approach is flexible but can lead to inconsistent and inefficient results. Replacing your baking tray and rack system with a sanitary, spiral conveyor solution can help improve your product quality and reduce your dependency on manual labor.

Gourmet CookiesThe gourmet cookie industry and many other bakeries are going through a phase of growth that requires an optimized process to keep up with growing demand. Bringing automation with passive processes to the bakery floor is a great way to increase your efficiencies and deliver more delicious snacks and staples to your customers every day.


4 Benefits of a Spiral Conveyor over a Baking Tray and Rack System


A flexible spiral conveyor design can fit into your existing infrastructure and support all of the critical proofing, curing, and dwell time tasks according to your recipes. Let’s look at the four main benefits of an edge-driven spiral conveyor design.


1 Greater Efficiency and Product Quality

Manually transferring baking trays to racks and moving them around a bakery isn’t efficient. It depends on resources that could forget, get busy, or make mistakes. A passive, automated process using a SideDrive Conveyor Co. spiral conveyor ensures each product sits, rises, cools, or cures perfectly every time.

The edge-driven belt provides a gentle motion and you can configure the spiral according to your current baking processes. By eliminating labor from the equation, you can use your resources for other tasks that require human intervention around the facility.


2 A Food-Safe Sanitary Production Line

SD - Sanitary - WashdownOur edge-driven spiral conveyors come in an open and accessible design that reduces the cleaning time compared to traditional spirals. The open-frame construction has fewer harborage points that require fewer chemicals, and the food-safe belt can withstand harsh wash-down procedures.

You can configure the spiral’s infeed and outfeed heights according to your precise needs and design a spiral that fits your required staging times. The plastic belting also means less risk of contamination from metal shavings or lubrication on the production line.


3 An End-to-End Transferless Design

Bakeries have multiple process stages that often require over-handling items around the plant. You need to make space for the next batch and manually transfer items to different stations. Edge-driven spiral conveyors eliminate these tasks with a transferless design that moves products efficiently around the facility.

HP Transferless 2

You can go up, come down, rest, feed, and go around whatever you need without resorting to complex transfers or manual interventions.


4 Conveying in the Same Footprint

To accommodate your existing infrastructure, our spiral conveyors can accommodate tight turns and elevations to match your current commercial bakery equipment. The design fits precisely into your facility and you can even save space by running two or more lines in the same footprint at different elevations if necessary.

Our designs are sanitary, efficient, and most importantly, flexible enough to support any process design you may need.

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Optimize Bakery Efficiency with Spiral Conveyors from SideDrive Conveyor Co.

Bakeries that need to maximize throughput while maintaining the safe and sanitary production of items directly on a conveyor can benefit from an edge-driven spiral conveyor system. The traditional tray and rack systems introduce many variables into the process that could influence productivity and quality. Our bakery conveyors are flexible and ideal for baking processes that require direct product handling while going up, over, down, and in or out of your bakery production equipment.

If you want to discuss the benefits of replacing your baking tray and rack system with our flexible spiral conveyors, reach out to SideDrive Conveyor Co. here.

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