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How to Create Processing Time Between Operations with the Smallest Floorspace Possible

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When your operation requires distance for processing time between operations, an “in-low / out low” continuous spiral conveyor may be an interesting solution to consider. 

PiesAn edge-driven spiral conveyor with the same infeed and discharge elevations is an efficient design for these applications. When dough needs to rise, or a pie has to cool on the line before reaching a downstream process, you can use the available space efficiently to achieve the required dwell times. The right conveying solution can eliminate trays and rack solutions and remove the need for operators and racks of equipment. 

SideDrive Conveyor Co. gives you the flexibility to design a spiral that fits your existing footprint and space constraints while receiving and discharging the product at the same elevation.


How Edge-Driven Spirals Convey the Most Efficient Distance

Our edge-driven spiral conveyors solve many application challenges faced in food processing plants where cooling, curing, and proofing happen between equipment interface points. The open and accessible modular frame construction makes it possible to run two independent spiral conveyors within the same footprint.

Gear-SpinningYou can even have two completely different belt paths with one product traveling at a certain speed up and down the spiral with a completely different line and speed layered in the same space for another product. As the conveyor uses an edge-driven sprocket to power the belt, you can maintain a continuous, smooth motion across the entire spiral.

With edge-driven spirals, you can:

  • Elevate and lowerate within the same footprint
  • Create two independent belt paths in the same structure
  • Interface with infeed and discharge points at the same elevation
  • Control the dwell time of any product between different process stages
  • Increase efficiency by running multiple conveyor lines within the same space


Reduce Risk and Increase Efficiency with Unique Spiral Conveyors

Plants can increase their throughput and reduce the risk of product loss with an efficient, continuous, and transferless spiral conveyor design. If you aren’t introducing additional equipment between the two stages, there’s less risk of contamination or products getting damaged enroute (fewer transfers). With plastic belting and sprockets that can withstand rigorous wash-down protocols, you can easily clean the line and reduce the downtimes required for sanitation.

HP Transferless

If the proofer or cooler is also your lowerator and elevator, you’re doubling up on processes that may have had to run independently using other conveyor designs. SideDrive Conveyor Co. gives you a lot more flexibility than other spiral designs, and this translates directly into increased throughput, reduced product loss, and the efficient use of space in your facilities.

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Convey Efficiently between Discharge and Infeed Points with SideDrive Conveyor Co.

With a sanitary design ideal for bakeries, frozen food manufacturers, and any other ready-to-eat (RTE) applications, you can reduce costs and increase product quality with our edge-driven spirals. Efficiently conveying between different process stages and industrial bakery equipment is easy with a spiral design from SideDrive Conveyor Co.

If you want to discuss our spiral conveyors and see how we can help you optimize your design for improved efficiency, reach out to SideDrive Conveyor Co. by filling out this form.

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