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Meat Processing Conveyors: Streamline Production and Maximize ROI

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There are strict regulations when it comes to meat processing and the conveyors that food plants use.

The Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) published its rules and regulations on the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) website to offer full transparency to the public and the meat processors.

SteakThe FSIS designed these policies to ensure the safety and quality of the food distributed to consumers throughout the country. 

The USDA is swift to enforce these regulations. Yet, there is a way to ensure USDA inspections do not slow down your operations.


Benefits of Streamlining Production for Meat Processing Conveyors

Streamline production, maximize ROI, and improve food safety (and pass every inspection with flying colors) with a sanitary spiral conveyor system. Here are some of the benefits of choosing a SideDrive Conveyor Co. sanitary spiral conveyor:


Features an Open-Frame Design

The cantilevered, stainless steel, open-frame design reduces planned cleaning downtime and eliminates preventable, unplanned downtime by removing the framework and caging that creates a breeding ground for bacteria and harmful pathogens. The open-frame spiral conveyor is easier to clean because you can see every component and if maintenance is required, servicing the system is simple and accessible for your team.  


Open Frame Structure for Easy Cleaning


Eliminate uncleanable areas like an inner drum or sideframes on a Spiral. These areas are harborage points for bacteria, and if the USDA comes in to inspect your plant and gets a positive swab for bacteria, they will force you to shut down and clean the machines. 

They will return to inspect your equipment and test again, and you cannot resume operations until your equipment returns a negative swab. 

It isn't uncommon that the USDA will come in, inspect your conveyors, and shut you down for two days (or longer) while your teams clean this equipment. It happens more in plants with spiral conveyors because these systems are commonly known for their contamination spots.  But not to worry, this unplanned and costly downtime doesn’t have to happen with the easy to clean SideDrive Conveyor Co. spiral conveyor.    


Eradicates Metal Shavings and Specks 

Sanitary spiral conveyors use plastic belts, not steel ones. You don't have to worry about metal shavings or black specks on or around your meat products. Plastic belts mean no metal-on-metal rubbing. 


Made with quality parts

When you choose a sanitary spiral conveyor, you are getting a conveying system made from quality, food-safe materials, from belting to the stainless steel structure. Sloped surfaces allow for easy run-off.


How Sanitary Spiral Conveyors Maximize ROI

Streamline operations and maximize ROI when you outfit your operations with truly sanitary spiral conveyor systems. These systems are more economical to maintain, clean, and operate. 

The ease and convenience of a sanitary spiral conveyor means you have one less trouble area and one thing off your variable list regarding food quality concerns and safety. It frees you up to improve other parts of your process when you aren't stressed over your spiral. 

SD - Meat CircleMeat processing isn't like other food processing plants. Raw foods of animal origin are more likely to contain harmful bacteria than other foods, and meat processing has the most stringent sanitation requirements. 

Meat processing plants are subject to daily inspection and frequent shutdowns. They require sanitation more than any other food processing plant. But they are also on the cutting edge of what can be done to improve food quality and safety.  SideDrive Conveyor Co. is proud to be the leaders of the most hygienic spiral conveyor in the World! 


Your Sanitary Spiral Solution for Meat Processing Conveyors

Now getting a sanitary spiral conveyor has never been easier. The USDA announced in March a $23.6 million grant available for operations in meat and poultry processing.

The Meat and Poultry Processing Expansion Program (MPPEP) and the Meat and Poultry Inspection Readiness Grant (MPIRG) program fund these grants. 

Applicants can use their grant money to purchase a sanitary spiral conveyor system from SideDrive Conveyor Co. Our sanitary system not only eliminates harmful, hard-to-clean places, but also decreases operating costs and reduces downtime.  

Maximize your ROI with a sanitary spiral conveyor from SideDrive. Reduce costs, labor, and downtown. Contact us to learn more.

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