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Eliminate Hard to Clean Cages or Drums With a More Sanitary Spiral Conveyor

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According to the USDA, in 2020 there were 1,462,019 pounds of meat recalled, with many of these recalls related to foreign matter contamination and salmonella contamination. In reality, these numbers relate to hundreds of thousands of recalled goods that have been potentially contaminated due to poor cleaning practices.

Traditional drums and cages used in food production lines are simply challenging  to keep clean, and despite your best efforts, contamination can be hard to control.



But an edge-driven spiral conveyor system from SideDrive has no side frames or inner cages. This makes it much easier to keep your conveyor systems clean, and minimal harborage points dramatically reduce the risk of food contamination and other recall concerns.

The open design of the sanitary spiral conveyor system was designed with all of this in mind in order to make it less likely for bacteria and other harmful microbes to grow. It's also built with materials that can handle being washed down with high-pressure washers. There’s no need to lubricate or worry about metal shavings with SideDrive’s belts because they don’t use any metal parts for the belting.

If you're looking for a truly sanitary spiral conveyor system, then check out the solutions available from SideDrive Conveyor Co. today!


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