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Open, Cageless Spiral Design Keeps Cleaning Easy for Commercial Bakeries

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With recent updates to the FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), commercial bakeries are having to pay closer attention to ensure safe and sanitary operations to prevent food-related illnesses and outbreaks. One way to meet the mandate, which includes specific requirements for shipping, loading and receiving food, is utilizing hygienic spiral conveyor systems.


Sanitary spiral conveyors can help save baked goods producers from bacteria growth, product contamination or loss, and recalls. One area of importance when selecting a hygienic spiral for baked goods is an open, accessible design.


Truly Sanitary


What you can’t see, you can’t clean and less is more for easy, complete cleaning. With an open design, it’s easy to see and clean fillings, frostings and more to prevent product contamination and harmful bacteria growth and ensure product quality. Gone are blind spots or barriers that prevent high-pressure hoses and cleaning agents from reaching every area.


Hygienic spiral conveyors from SideDrive Conveyor Co. feature edge-driven technology that enables a completely open construction design without an inner cage. Unlike traditional spiral conveyors, SideDrive’s hygienic spirals are also designed without sideframes, which allows complete access for an easy and complete cleaning process.


This open design makes the cleaning process fast and efficient, reducing cleaning time and labor costs. A drumless, or cageless, spiral design ensures full sanitary conditions where water can easily rinse away food and particulates without disassembly or tools.

Spraying Spiral Circle


Without having to clean around certain areas on the conveyor, operators can easily reach areas that need cleaning and perform a thorough job to ensure sanitary operating conditions. And with less cleaning agents needed, water used, and wastewater spent, the labor and resource savings quickly add up.


SideDrive Conveyor’s enabling, edge-driven technology allows us to create and configure the most hygienic spiral conveyor design to meet virtually any application or floor layout. Plus, with an open, accessible design, cleaning is done easily and thoroughly.


Learn how SideDrive’s hygienic spirals can save time, money and reduce risk, CLICK HERE.

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