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The Raw Food Product Handling Spiral Your Sanitation and Maintenance Team Will Love

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If you want to see some bleak reading, head over to the FDA’s webpage listing some of the major food recalls from 2022. The list is staggering – everything from seafood and fish with listeria to dried mushrooms with salmonella and dinner rolls that contain Cronobacter sakazakii.

Don’t worry, we had to look the last one up too.   

Obviously, you want to do everything you can to avoid ending up on that list. The risks associated with raw food product handling make your choice of spiral conveyor a critical factor in your production line’s design. An edge-driven sanitary spiral conveyor can be your best defense against product liability and food recalls that damage your brand. Because the responsibility to keep the line operational and safe falls mostly to your sanitation and maintenance teams, they’ll love you for choosing this spiral conveyor design.


Why Maintenance and Sanitation Teams Love Our Edge-Driven Spiral Conveyors


Let’s look at the main factors that make a spiral conveyor from SideDrive Conveyor Co. the best option for raw product handling applications:

  • Spraying Spiral CircleCleanability – Sanitation protocols eat into your availability, and if you cannot access every area of the spiral, you risk contamination. Our spirals have an open and accessible construction that lets sanitation teams carry out rigorous wash-downs and cleaning regimes faster.
  • Maintainability – The modular, flexible design allows maintenance personnel to access all the components easily. The plastic belting and edge-driven sprockets reduce wear and tear on components, keeping your line operating for longer between services.
  • Flexibility – You can design a unique spiral to fit perfectly in your current facility layout while reducing the space required for curing, proofing, or cooling your products. Combining your spiral with a transferless, continuous conveyor also helps limit product damage and reduces scrap rates.

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A Cleaner and More Reliable Way to Elevate or Lower Your Raw Food Products

SD - Open Design CircleBy reducing harborage points, improving accessibility, and eliminating metal-to-metal friction, you can increase your throughput without compromising on food safety. This will earn you equal adoration from your facility staff and the C-suite.  You’ll stay off the FDA’s dreaded product recall list, and staff can worry about the important things like increasing throughput and quality. 


Elevate Safety and Cleanability with a SideDrive Spiral Conveyor

With consumers becoming hyper-focused on food safety, ensuring you can reduce the risks of contamination from bacteria or foreign objects common in product recalls should be your number one priority. SideDrive Conveyor Co. allows you to design an integrated solution for all of your raw product handling and processing needs.

Becoming a superstar in the minds of your sanitation and maintenance teams starts with discussing your sanitary spiral conveyor requirements with SideDrive Conveyor Co. today.


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