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Increase Your Predictability While Reducing Product Liability Concerns

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SideDrive Conveyor company has developed the world's most hygienic conveyor. The entire system design focuses on helping you maintain a sustainable, safe and economically viable food processing operation without compromising on sanitation. From the time it takes to clean the system to use the resources like labor and chemicals we can prove that our spiral conveyors can increase your predictability by reducing liability concerns. There are two charts to view. One, is the assumption chart and the basis of the TCO. Secondly, the calculation chart illustrates the savings. 

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Laptop SS AssumptionsFirst, let's move to the assumptions. The assumptions are based on a time study that calculated the time it took to clean one foot of twenty four inch wide conveyor belt. We recorded that it took 1.4 minutes of labor of time and 5.3 gallons of water to clean one foot of twenty four inch wide conveyor belt.

Next, we included conservative values for the cost of water per gallon, disposal cost (noted by the American Water Association.) Then the number of days and weeks of operation with the associated hourly rates. A QR code has been provided to review your states averages. 



Laptop SS TCOLet’s move to the TCO chart and calculator. As we consider the assumptions mentioned, we apply them to the TCO chart that calculates the savings from the sanitation process.

The basis of the savings is that the SideDrive conveyor spiral has 50% less surface area to clean than a drum spiral and 32% less than other spirals on the market today. Therefore we have used an average of 45% for a conservative estimate.

In the illustration we have entered four hundred feet of belt at twenty four inches wide and cleaning once a day. The TCO shows the amount of gallons of water used, the current water and disposal cost and the labor cost. Then the illustration considers the 45% savings due to the surface reduction of the SideDrive conveyor and then calculates the amount of gallons of water used, the current water and disposal cost; in addition energy savings from not heating the water, and finally the labor cost. As you can see in the illustration, there are considerable savings of over 88 thousand dollars per year, and water savings of nearly 340 thousand gallons of water a year. 


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