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Introducing the Most Cost-Effective and Flexible Spiral Conveyor

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If you're looking for a conveyor that will help your food processing plant improve uptime and reduce scrap, check out why facilities like yours opt for a sanitary spiral conveying system so you can run a cleaner, more streamlined operation.

Three major components of a sanitary spiral conveying operation are: 

  1. Flexibility 
  2. Cleanability
  3. Maintainability and Parts Availability




Benefits of a Cost-Effective Flexible Spiral Conveyor

Side Gear CircleWe offer a modular spiral solution that enables you to set any unique configuration requirements to meet your parameters.  The edge-driven spiral conveyor system allows for controlled movement with its open frame, and drum-less spiral design. The open and accessible design enables us to develop a layout specific to your design standards for your facility, in your dedicated footprint.

Our flexible design can also help a plant to improve efficiency. For example, you can have multiple paths on the same spiral for different types of products. These products all come to a single packaging line to be discharged at different points. You can even set these different lines to run at various speeds.


Cleanability: Top-Tier Hygienic Standards

Spraying Spiral CircleFood processing plants are competitive and always evolving. However, one factor that remains consistent is top-tier, stringent hygienic standards. The open frame design enables us to develop a flexible solution and guarantees the world’s most hygienic spiral conveyor system.

We know that one of your biggest concerns is preventing a recall or product contamination. When you need to elevate or lower products on the line, using a drum cage or a side frame style spiral is common. But when it comes to cleanliness, these systems inherently have multiple points of possible hygienic issues in their design.

The SideDrive Conveyor Co.'s Spiral Conveyor solution gives you an open design that makes it possible to access all areas of the spiral conveyor that you need to, allowing the cleaning process to be more effective in less time.


Maintenance & Spare Parts: Planned and Unplanned Downtime

Whether it’s scheduled maintenance or an unexpected repair, easy access and the ability to quickly work on your spiral conveyor can significantly impact planned and unplanned downtime. Keep production moving and save your company time and money with SideDrive Conveyor Co.’s Sanitary Spiral Conveyor. 

Chicken CircleComplicated conveying systems require hundreds of parts. Due to supply chain issues, parts availability has become more important than ever before. If one of these parts malfunction or needs replacement, the rest of your plant likely won’t be too happy to lose hours, or even days, of production due to downtime while awaiting parts to arrive. This is especially true in food processing facilities.

At SideDrive Conveyor Co., we source our parts in the USA to ensure our streamlined, flexible and modular solution is ready to work when you are. We can get parts to you sooner to get you back up and running in no time.

Streamline the design, the sanitation process, and required maintenance to ensure the quality of every food product that leaves your plant.


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