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Long Line, Sanitary Food-Grade Conveyors: Eliminate Transfers with a Continuous Conveyor Design

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Gentle, Flexible, Sanitary. If these words don’t spring to mind when describing your food-grade conveyor solution, you should rethink what’s possible. A sanitary, continuous conveyor from SideDrive Conveyor Co. gives you the ability to increase Overall Equipment Effectiveness, reduce scrap and downtime while ensuring the complete integrity of your products from start to finish.



The USDA-compliant plastic belting and a modular design allows you to configure your long-run conveyor to suit any food manufacturing operation.  You can create a single, long-run conveyor that includes turns, elevation changes, curves, and spirals to gently move products throughout the facility while maintaining the required belt tension by placing drives wherever you need them throughout the conveyor line.

Pastry CircleSay goodbye to conveyor-to-conveyor transfers and bridges that lead to product loss and increased scrap rates. Our flexible designs give you limitless configuration possibilities to gently move food products around your facility.

The new era in efficient conveying solutions start with a long-run, continuous conveyor that’s easy to clean, maintain, and operate.  Visit sidedriveconveyor.com to see how we can maximize your plant’s operational efficiency with a gentle, flexible, and sanitary long-run conveyor solution.


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