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More Efficient Ways to Convey Frozen Foods to and From the Freezer During Processing and Packaging

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Conveying frozen foods to and from the freezer requires an efficient, transferless conveyor design. You want to move your frozen products into the freezer as soon as possible after processing. Once you are ready to package, you need the same speed and efficiency to ensure the products don’t thaw before returning to cold storage for customer fulfillment.

Frozen Dinner CircleFrozen food producers who have to move single-serve entrees into and out of the freezer likely want to find an optimized conveyor design that eliminates transfers and efficiently lowers or elevates products within a small footprint. Traditional solutions depend on long-straight runs that keep the angles low and have a transfer point onto the finicky spiral. Comparatively, our flexible spiral conveyor takes up less valuable space while eliminating transfer points to and from.  This is especially helpful for items between primary and secondary processing and packaging stages where historically, there is frequent product loss with the traditional solutions.


How to Efficiently Move Frozen Foods through Your Facility

SideDrive Conveyor Co. uses a modular design to configure a single, continuous conveyor that serves the entire facility, built around your floor space constraints. You can elevate or lower items in a smaller footprint using more tiers to avoid aggressive inclines and declines than a traditional conveyor because of the unique Intralox belting and our spiral technology.

Side Gear CircleAs we can reduce the tension on the belt back to zero at any point in the system, you get the smooth and gentle movement of products to and from your freezing or packaging stations. The edge-driven belt technology allows us to design a single, transferless frozen food conveying operation that eliminates product damage.

Our spirals are a compact way to bring products to or from the floor level without increasing the footprint of the system. Because we eliminate transfers, you won’t lose small products in catch-points that are inherent in most conveyor-to-conveyor transfers.

With our design, you also have the ability to move products up and down within the same footprint. This is great for products like:

  • Ice cream and frozen vegetables
  • Frozen breakfast foods like waffles and pancakes
  • Tater tots and chicken nuggets
  • Ready-to-eat meals and frozen pizza bases or crusts
  • Any other frozen proteins or single-serve entrees


Additional Benefits of an Edge-Driven Spiral Conveyor Design

You gain many more benefits from our edge-driven belt technology while saving space, reducing product loss, and improving your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). The sanitary construction allows you to optimize your cleaning regimes, which increases plant productivity. The design eliminates harborage points common in traditional spiral conveyors like drum cages, reducing the risk of food contamination and product recalls.

The plastic belting is lightweight, reduces wear and tear on the system, doesn’t require lubrication and increases the life of the conveyor. We can integrate our spirals with a long-run, continuous conveyor according to your precise application requirements.


Frozen Dinners CircleEfficiently Move Products to and from the Freezer with an Edge-Driven Modular Conveyor Design

SideDrive Conveyor Co. provides engineers with the required design freedom that traditional conveyors often lack. Our modular design can fit into your existing facility layout and utilize the vertical space available more efficiently. You can say goodbye to long inclines and declines from and to your freezers while gently lifting and lowering products with an edge-driven spiral conveyor.

If you want to find out more about our frozen food conveyor capabilities, complete this form and we’ll get in touch.


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