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Multi-Directional Curve Spiral Conveyor That Provides Ultimate Flexibility

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With a conveyor design that improves the utilization of overhead space in your production facility, you can increase yield and improve the efficiency and valuable floor space of your food production line. Dead space is one of the drawbacks of outdated conveyor designs. They limit your profitability by using long inclines and declines to move products up and down between the processing and packaging stages.

A more efficient and flexible design reduces the footprint of your spiral and proofing conveyors because of our modular design capabilities. The freedom to design any kind of spiral with multi-directional curves within the same space is what sets our edge-driven spiral conveyors apart from other systems.


The Ultimate Design Freedom with Multi-Directional Curve Spiral Conveyors

SideDrive Conveyor Co. provides you with endless configuration options. The edge-driven belt is a flexible design that can include unique spirals that change direction with the same footprint. Along with our vertical conveyor systems, you can also design unique spirals such as ovals, alpines, or P-loops where the product enters and exits at the same height.


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While reducing the required footprint of the conveyor, the plastic belt also weighs less than metal and you can reduce the tension to zero anywhere on the line. We can integrate our spirals with continuous, long-run conveyors that eliminate the need for conveyor-to-conveyor transfers.

An edge-driven, flexible spiral design helps food manufacturers to:

  • Design a unique conveyor that fits perfectly into the facility’s existing infrastructure
  • Improve the efficiency of the plant by replacing dead space with more production capacity
  • Reduce wear on the equipment and components with an edge-driven plastic belt
  • Eliminate transfers from the design that leads to increased productivity and decreased product loss

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Unique Multi-Directional Spiral Conveyor Designs for Any Food Production Application

If you produce frozen foods like chicken nuggets or baked products such as pizzas or pies, our modular spiral solutions can support almost any application. You can proof or cool items in a smaller footprint by going up and down to the required elevation to achieve the precise dwell times required.

Pizza CircleThat’s not all. Because we use an open frame construction and modular design with plastic belting, you can shorten your sanitation cycles and further increase productivity. With improved Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), you can achieve greater profitability and mitigate the risk of product recalls. Conveying raw proteins or poultry requires a system that can withstand extensive wash-down protocols with caustic chemicals. Because our design is accessible, your sanitation teams can clean the entire conveyor system quicker than with more traditional drum cage styles.


Utilize More Space with Multi-Directional Spiral Conveyors

Maximizing the profitability of your facility starts with a completely customizable spiral conveyor design from SideDrive Conveyor Co. With modern cost pressures challenging the food industry, even an incremental improvement in the efficiency of your plant will translate into time and money savings. An edge-driven spiral conveyor gives you the design freedom you’ve always thought wasn’t available to the food production industry.

If you want to discuss our multi-directional curve spiral conveyors in further detail, please fill out this form and we’ll get in touch.

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