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Guide: How to Evaluate Overall Equipment Effectiveness for Sanitary Spiral Conveyors

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Regardless if you rinse, wash down, use dry steam, or run the belt through a water bath, maintaining a profitable food production line requires carrying out rigorous sanitation protocols between shifts. As sanitation regimes affect your system’s uptime, cleanability is a major factor to evaluate when deciding to invest in a new spiral conveyor system for your food production line.



The best way to analyze any potential system is by determining the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). The calculation measures the availability, performance, and quality of the equipment where:

  • Availability – Includes both the planned and unplanned stops of the system with a score of up to 100% indicating the system has zero unplanned downtime during a production run
  • Performance – Relates to the cycle time required for a production line but factors in elements like small stops to accommodate other upstream or downstream processes.  A performance score of 100% means when the process is running it is running as fast as possible the entire time.
  • Quality – Indicates the scrap rate of items (or items requiring additional processing or manual intervention).  A quality score of 100% would indicate zero defects in individual products, only good parts are being produced.

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