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A Better Way to Handle Massive Elevation Changes When Conveying Frozen Foods

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There are many instances when you need to elevate or lower food quickly to maintain product quality after the production and freezing processes. As freezing food slows the physicochemical and biochemical reactions, it remains one of the most economical ways to preserve the quality of a product once it’s ready for transport and distribution.

Frozen Dinners CircleA frozen food processing plant often uses helical conveyor systems to elevate or lowerate products along it’s way through  the preparation and preservation processes. This is a critical stage in the food production process, and the time it takes to handle massive elevation changes can negatively affect your cold chain control.

In this blog, we’ll show you how to handle massive elevation changes efficiently while conveying frozen foods.


Side-Driven Spiral Conveyors for Handling Massive Elevation Changes for Frozen Foods

friends-cowOnce a product is frozen, it means it’s at its highest value for the organization. Any mistake at this point will render the entire preceding process steps a moo point (yes, we meant that). As Joey would say, the cow has left the barn and closing the doors will no longer save any of your frozen chicken wings.

With a side-driven spiral conveyor, you can eliminate the risk of a product thawing on the line and quickly elevate or lower every item into or out of your frozen storage areas. Below, we look at some of the key benefits available from a side-driven spiral conveyor design for transporting frozen foods between levels and areas in your facility.


Easier to Sanitize and Clean Regularly

Although many frozen products will already be packaged, the need to maintain a safe and sanitary food production environment remains vital during every stage of the process. With traditional side-frame conveyor designs or using a chain-style drive for steep-pitched spiral elevations, multiple harborage points, and exposed components like bearings means it cannot withstand high-pressure wash-downs. That could spread contamination to your products.

No Metal CircleA side-driven spiral conveyor helps to improve your sanitation process by:

  • Allowing for an open design that gives your cleaning crews and food-safety professionals access to any portion of the conveyor
  • Using durable plastic belting and guarded, side-frame drives that allows for high-pressure wash-down protocols


Elevate and Lowerate Faster in a Smaller Footprint

Side-driven spiral designs are modular, flexible, and take up a small footprint while handling major elevation changes quickly. Although it makes it easier to clean and sanitize your conveyors, you can also increase the pitch of your spiral as per your exact requirements and save on space at the same time. You can convey helically faster and ensure each product reaches the right area without risking thawing or contamination with sanitary wash-down conveyors.

Side-driven spiral conveyors allow for:
  • Product Card - Process Needs - P LoopAlmost infinite conveyor designs including alpines, p-loops (up and down in the same footprint), or traditional spirals
  • The fast and efficient movement of frozen foods between levels or floors
  • Improved overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) as all parts and components are easy to access and can withstand high-pressure cleaning protocols


Elevate Frozen Foods Rapidly and Reliably With a Side-Drive Spiral Conveyor

At Side-Drive Conveyor Co., we work with any engineer that needs to solve complex frozen food processing challenges without compromising on sanitation. Our helical conveyor systems use the latest technologies to maintain the required tension while taking up a smaller footprint and allowing for rigorous cleaning protocols.

To discuss your requirements and see how our system design can assist with massive elevation changes while conveying frozen foods, speak to one of our experts today.


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