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Highly Configurable Spiral Conveyor to Accommodate Unique Footprint Needs

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You don’t have to be a theoretical physicist to solve the complexities of space and time in your food production facility!

With our edge-driven spiral conveyors, you can accommodate almost any type of design within the space and time constraints of your food processing operations. When your floor plan presents complex problems for your conveyor layouts, SideDrive Conveyor Co. can do what others can’t.


What Makes Our Spirals the Most Configurable and Flexible Conveyors Available?

The first element that sets our spirals apart from other designs is our unique source of power. The edge-driven belt can drive the conveyor wherever it’s needed, allowing unique spiral configurations including alpines, P-loops, or regular helix designs.

Product Card - Process Needs - P LoopThis enables you to maximize the use of space while controlling the dwell time of products precisely within the available footprint of your plant. An edge-driven spiral conveyor lets you increase the volume by filling the conditioned space with as much conveyor belt as possible. Due to the increased volume of products within the space, you can maximize throughput and increase plant efficiency even when faced with space constraints or complex floor plans.

Space-Saving Benefits of an Edge-Driven Spiral Conveyor

From an operational viewpoint, our edge-driven spirals increase Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) by:

  • SD - Open Design CircleReducing the belt tension to zero wherever needed as we can place additional drives anywhere to engage the USDA-compliant plastic belt
  • Increasing the availability of the line with reduced wear and tear, shorter cleaning times, and accessible components when you have to effect any repairs
  • Maximizing the productivity of the plant by filling the conditioning space with increased product volumes

Writing the above out as a calculation will certainly resonate with your maintenance, sanitation, and executive teams. You can create a design that uses the same frame while running different belts at different speeds within the same conditioned space.  


Overcome Space and Facility Complexity with Unique Spiral Conveyors from SideDrive Conveyor Co.

Our modular designs and unique drive technologies give you the design freedom you need to configure an efficient, cleanable, and maintainable conveying solution. For food manufacturers that want to increase throughput, optimize availability, and reduce unplanned downtimes, an edge-driven spiral conveyor design is the cutting edge of food production and sanitary operations.

Before you start earning new degrees to solve the complexity of your conveyor layouts, get in touch with SideDrive Conveyor Co. to assist.

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