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Hygienic Spiral Conveyors: 2023’s Most Sanitary Resolution

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It’s time to make cleaning spiral conveyors with metal belting and difficult-to-reach drums a hassle of the past. Whether you’re looking to reduce downtime spent on cleaning or decrease your chances of a recall, hygienic spiral conveyors make achieving your food safety goals a resolution that’s within reach.

Read on to learn how.


Easily wash away contaminants with plastic belting

Cool Belt Angle CircleThe thin, round surface areas on the links of metal belting and the areas where they connect create tight catchpoints that collect oily residue, making it challenging to clean. Pathogens and other contaminants are easily washed away with a SideDrive hygienic spiral conveyor that uses plastic belting as its standard. Thanks to a simple design and smooth surfaces, plastic belts can be easily and effectively cleaned.


Plastic outperforms metal

Did you know that in a controlled study conducted by Commercial Food Sanitation, the claim that metal belt material is inherently more cleanable than plastic was debunked? Over the course of the study, plastic stood out as the more desirable choice for cleaning when a test was performed of how easily potato hash and ground beef were removed from plastic vs metal belts. While the metal belt had visible pieces of food and oily surface residue left on it, the plastic had none. Further, when tested, while the amount of bacteria present was in the acceptable range for both, there were slightly higher counts of bacteria observed on the metal than on the plastic belt, making plastic the more food-safe option.*


Download our checklist to learn more about why plastic belting reigns supreme.




Say goodbye to recalls with sanitary design

Production line washdown conveyors are essential to keeping your food product safe and protecting your bottom line. Spiral conveyors with drums are difficult to access for cleaning and allow for bacterial harborage, making recall a potential threat. With SideDrive, if you can see it, you can clean it!


Sanitary construction

Other sanitary features that maximize your production line’s food safety and simplify washdown include:

✓ Sanitary Frame

✓ Hygienic Sprockets

✓ Hygienic Wearstrips

And more.



Food safety can be a headache, but with the proper conveying equipment, it doesn’t have to be. Make 2023 the year you enhance your production line’s food safety.





*Read more from ‘The Truth About Spiral Belt Sanitation’ https://www.intralox.com/media/news/the-truth-about-spiral-belt-sanitation