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How SideDrive Conveyor Helps Food Manufacturers

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SideDrive Conveyor builds the most sanitary spiral conveyor systems in the market. With patent-pending, edge-driven conveyor technologies, we can accommodate any application where food products such as raw proteins, baked goods, or convenience foods need to move efficiently through your processing facility. 

Frozen Dinners CircleOur solutions enable an efficient food production operation from the initial intake and preparation/transformation stages, to secondary processes like cooling, curing, proofing, packaging, and palletizing. With more than 3-decades of experience designing and building unique spiral conveyors, you can depend on SideDrive Conveyor to deliver the lowest TCO with increased OEE, while ensuring FSMA compliance during every shift. 


Why Choose SideDrive Conveyor Technology?

When we started SideDrive Conveyor, we wanted to provide a truly hygienic solution for the food processing industry. In any food processing operation, manufacturers must consider planned production targets and product liability risks. 

Sanitizing and maintaining production lines requires extended downtimes with other conveyor systems. SideDrive’s solutions are proven to reduce the labor burden, shorten downtimes, and limit associated costs like water usage and disposal. 


How SideDrive’s Conveyors Improve Operational Efficiency

Side Gear CircleSideDrive Conveyors use edge-driven, plastic belting with a modular design to solve complex application challenges. The food-safe Intralox belt can withstand harsh washdowns and resists excessive wear that could lead to metal shavings contaminating products. 

With SideDrive Conveyor technology, you can solve application challenges like:

  • Changes in elevations - Move products up or down within a small footprint using our innovative spiral designs
  • Elimination of transfers - Prevent product loss and damage by removing all transfers from the conveyor system
  • Accumulation of products - Manage the dwell time during cooling, curing, and proofing processes by precisely controlling the speed of each conveyor section

The modular design allows you to deploy a transfer-less, long-run continuous conveyor solution that integrates perfectly with your existing infrastructure. Open and accessible construction lets sanitation crews perform rigorous cleaning in record times, while significantly fewer harborage areas in the design reduce the risk of product contamination. 

Compared to other systems, SideDrive conveyors require:

  • Less downtime - Cleaning and maintaining the conveyor is easier than typical drum/cage spiral designs
  • Fewer resources - Save water and labor costs needed to operate, clean, and maintain the production line
  • Zero transfers - Gentle movement with zero transfers eliminates the risk of product damage especially when handling delicate food items


How We Can Help Your Food Processing and Manufacturing Operation

Pork Chop CircleAs part of NCC Automated Systems’ family of companies, we partner with organizations that want to scale operations, cut costs, and improve product quality. Our solutions are versatile and unique, providing capabilities that other conveyor manufacturers simply cannot match. 

You can place drives along the conveyor system to maintain the required tension, eliminate metal parts that could lead to product contamination, and ensure you carry out the necessary sanitation regimes within the shortest turnovers possible. With SideDrive, you can optimize every element of your product flow for increased profits, reduced risks, and limitless expansion. 

Speak to one of our experts if you want to deploy the best sanitary spiral conveyor system available on the market today.


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