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Top Reasons Bakeries Love Our Maintenance Friendly, Fully Sanitary Conveyor Designs

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Commercial bakers are waking up to the fact that it may just be possible to have your cake and eat it too. Well, not literally, but with an edge-driven, sanitary conveyor design from SideDrive Conveyor Co., it’s possible to maintain a safer production line, reduce product loss, and save on costs.

BakeryThe secret ingredient is a truly sanitary conveyor design with modular, plastic belting that can fit into your existing infrastructure layout. Bakeries are realizing that you don’t have to compromise when it comes to sanitizing the production line while maintaining the required production quantities during every shift.


3 Reasons to Love Our Sanitary Bakery Conveyor Design


Our edge-driven, continuous bakery conveyors are ideal for Ready-To-Eat (RTE) food production applications that require curing and proofing directly on the line. While we may not have time to cover a full baker’s dozen of reasons why bakeries love our sanitary conveyors, let’s quickly recap some of the top criteria that are proving to be delicious for plant engineers and bakery staff alike.


1 Support for All Your Curing and Proofing Processes

Product Card - Process Needs - P LoopOur P-Loop modular spirals make it possible to cool, cure, and proof your baked goods directly on the production line using a smooth motion and precise dwell time. Completely configurable to match your exact application needs, the P-Loop design vertically moves the products to the required elevation before coming back down and exiting the spiral to move on to the next process stage.

The design can accommodate any kind of baked goods that need to sit / dwell on the production line for a specific amount of time between the entry and exit of the spiral.


2 Easier Maintenance that Increases Productivity

With the modular design and open frame construction, you can maintain the entire conveyor with good access. With open access to any of the key components, you can replace any equipment quickly and easily meaning the entire plant is more productive.

Even with P-Loop spirals, the drives are easy to access and the food-safe, plastic belting prevents metal-to-metal friction or the need to perform hot work while maintaining the conveyor.


3 Fits In Perfectly with Your Industrial Bakery Equipment

Spraying Spiral CircleAs our bakery conveyors are modular in design, you can match different solutions with your existing bakery processing equipment. We can help you elevate and lowerate to any level for smooth entries and exits into ovens, freezers, and any other downstream processing stations you require.

The modular, open design also makes it easier to sanitize the entire conveyor with wash-down protocols and, with fewer harborage points, helps prevent contamination that could lead to product recalls.


Increase Productivity With a Sanitary Edge-Driven Conveyor Design

Food safety and plant productivity don’t have to be on opposite sides of the equation. You can design a transferless, continuous bakery conveyor that increases your throughput, optimizes your Operational Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), and facilitates the rigorous sanitation protocols RTE food applications depend on.

For bakeries that need to optimize their production processes using edge-driven, spiral, and continuous conveyors, get in touch with SideDrive Conveyor Co. today.


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